Jul 6, 2008


Is she about to spit, cough, or is she playing with her new tongue ring!  I just don't get her!  I am going to make a book on all the bad photos of Amy, no verbage, just good ole bad pics of her.  She thinks glamorous shots are so 2004.  It would be the size of the Dictionary!  Yikes, sounds like a lot of work!  But seriously, all these bad pics are so BAD I just can't help zooming in.  She's definitely a work of art and can be found in the Arts section at B&N.


E-Rich said...

Yo, what's up with her left tit in that picture? Maybe she's about to vomit. You know, since she's on that coke diet.

J.E.W.E.L.S said...

hahaha...you're so right. poor amy, shes a mess and doesnt even care. did you see that video of her hitting a fan then running away? shes starting to get like ozzy osbourne with the shakes and everything.