Jul 8, 2008

New Video: Estelle "No Substitue Love"

Estelle's new video for "No Substitute Love" hit the web this week. It is on POINT! Between those shoes at the start to her checkin her dude at the end i can't get enough. Look out for some famous friends that pop up through out the video too!

Jul 7, 2008

15 hours in the making.

Meet Rosalee, she's an artist, young woman and inspiration to ladies who want to get involved in graff and other forms of art. Last week she went on a 15 hour painting spree and transformed a blank brick wall into a work of art with our logo, and our "Make Up Not War" design. You can watch it in the making here or peep the finished masterpiece at The Breakfast Club art space in Hollywood, CA off Melrose Ave.

RosaLee Dime Piece Mural

check out our news section for more flicks!

Around The Way Giveaway round 2

Told you I had more goodies!!!! this week 4 lucky ladies will have a chance to win this super cute Princess of the Posse "Stick up " Tank in both this Grey color that just so happened to be featured in this month's Missbehave Mag and the oh so sought after Red colorway .
So do you want to get up on this joint right here??? Being that this is very reminiscent of an athletic shirt I just need y'all to answer one little question:

Tell me your summer workout plan in 2 sentences or less....

Make sure to submit your answers in our Comment section :)

Jul 6, 2008

Sumiko where are you???

sorry I had to put you on blast, but you Won the Shadow plastic Giveaway and you haven't responded!!!!! so holla at your girl in 24 hours to aroundthewaygirls@gmail.com, or the shirt is going to the next lucky contestant :( ......
tick tock tick tock

Afrobeta coming to NYC!!! Wed July 9th!!!

AFROBETA, a disco-house ghetto-tech and Funk indie crew, is coming to the Mercury Lounge Wednesday. Cuban natives from my hometown of MIAMI won the Myspace Latino contest last month. They are sponsored to perform during the Latin Alternative Music Conference!  Thanks to the connections of PR queen Miosotis Santana, she has been styling lead vocalist Cuci Amador with Cubannie Links for a few of her performances! I know NYC is gonna love their ill ass music!
July 9th
Mercury Lounge
217 Houston St. NYC.

(Photo by Douglas Voisin ) Afrobeta at PS 14 winners of Myspace Latino. Cuci is in all Cubannie links!

Check out this dope artist documentary directed by my homegirl Romina!

BScott is my new BFF

B Scott, please, please come and QeeQee with me and my girls, Preach!!!!!!
and your wigs are MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go visit his website for more words of wisdom LoveBScott.com

More dirty birds!!

I copped this from our girl Sharona's Blog who saw it over at TMZ.
He got arrested for beating some asshole who called him a "f**king ignorant n****r."
Good for that asshole, not too good for my boo, who now has a Third degree assault offense and a warrant out for his arrest :(

you know you're safe with me..........

New from Christina K

Our former Featured Artist Christina K has just dropped a new joint, named Tonight that I'm def feeling, I've always loved that Modjo "Lady" song. I think KTU's played it on air, i'm sure i heard it there. So call in and tell them to put it on blast.

Christina you look so cute in that fall 08 55DSL vest! ;)


Is she about to spit, cough, or is she playing with her new tongue ring!  I just don't get her!  I am going to make a book on all the bad photos of Amy, no verbage, just good ole bad pics of her.  She thinks glamorous shots are so 2004.  It would be the size of the Dictionary!  Yikes, sounds like a lot of work!  But seriously, all these bad pics are so BAD I just can't help zooming in.  She's definitely a work of art and can be found in the Arts section at B&N.

Award for Creepy goes to...

Amy Winehouse for sitting at her window sill, like someone stole her puppy on a rainy day! 
Because she is passing local children icey pops through her window...like she's in jail!
Because she stairs out into the crowd aimlessly mocking photographers.
Amy sat there eating sour strips or something strip like, (maybe it was a big ole role of acid) moping! Doesn't feeling bad for yourself happen when no one is looking, how dramatic.  I know she's alone with her pet mice now that Blake is back in jail, but Amy if you need a friend on call, hollar at me!  Don't get me wrong, celebs should be able to perform simple acts like relaxing by a window sill.  But if you are a known coo-coo bird, junkie, this really makes for juicy news!  

Pamela and the Creepy guy!

Celebs are regular people, kinda!  Unfortunately for Pam and dirty magic guy everyone wants to watch!  She looks like a hoooot mess!  Although I feel for her, I still think she was way too "Spring Break, Woooooo!!!" white girl status in these flicks!

Jul 4, 2008

Meet my new Boyfriend

He was at the Dior Homme show with Kanye and people left and right were giving him shit, but I think he's kinda cute... dirty scrangly and all.
He's Taz from Sa-ra and an addition to the Mr Bubble fest coming Winter '09. The event will be sponsored by malt liquor and Dirt.

Kanye's dream come true

Yeezy's about to have a whole stable of ventures, besides possibly having a brand new silhoutte made, he's teaming up with Louis Vuitton to make some man-shoes.
Girls (and in girls I mean boys) save your coins, although i have personality differences with Kanye the rapper, I do know that Kanye the DEE-ZINE-UH (say it while your neck rolls) will drop some hottness on you.

Read more here

A Milli videos

If I wanted to chase weezy f baby please say the baby around, I'd just tune in to the police reprots pages...

Jul 2, 2008

project runway casting...

for the application, visit here...

Jul 1, 2008


Lately I've been troubled, uneasy even, several people have died in the fashion world in the last mere month and I'm feeling really unpleasent about it.
No, I'm not that girl that even though she never met the late YSL is now gonna try to buy anything with his name emblazed on it, or a girl who isn't gonna leave her room because Sadia Morrisson is not with us, or even that chick that everytime a Russian girl named Ruslana passes by is gonna loose it.
I'm not disturbed by their loses but more by people's reactions toward these tragedies. Can you guys believe I was in a showroom that shall remain nameless pulling clothes for a shoot when someone had the audacity to come in and try to pull clothes for THEMSELVES TO WEAR to one of the above's funerals???????????
Now please don't misunderstand this, I have dealt with loss from a very early age so I know exactly how that feels, and my first priority was never to try and stunt at someone's funeral.
It disgusted me, I'm appauled that I was in the presence of such ignorance and I just had to blast it out. I don't think I've ever been this angry, are people really this shallow??
To those ignorant no class people that not only delayed my ENTIRE DAY of appointments because they wanted to look fresh, I only wish that you wake the fuck up and realize that this shit right here, will all be gone, no one will notice that you have vintage Halston in your casket, hopefully they'll only be there because they actually gave a fuck about your trashy ass.

-Radio Rose

Sometimes, God shows his love in hilarious quotes

Wow,what a week. I've been pretty swamped but while slaving my days away on shoots, almost meeting my maker thanks to a bus on 6th ave, drinking beers in my steamy living room with Sarah, having the fire dept knock down my front door, having my phone break into a milli pieces, listening to lil wayne on repeat,getting abandoned at the Missbehave office with Sarah at 1am, physically assaulting some asshole in the meatpacking district a.k.a. satan's lunchtable for dorks, telling a kid I was from Antartica and half Polar Bear, meeting an ANTM girl,eating ketchup with Chris from The Wire, it was absolutely ALL worth it for this quote right herrrr........

“Nah, nah, nah. The engagement is just speculation. I’m married to the money.”

I win Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandela finally dropped from US terror watch list

Wooooooooowwwwww....(Flavor Flav Style)

The United States has removed former South African president Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress from a three-decade old immigration watch list for possible terrorists, the White House said Tuesday.

I mean I don't know about y'all, but I wouldn't want Nelson Mandela sitting next to ME on an airplane.

Jun 29, 2008

LABEL WHORE mixtape vol.002

working your back like its goin' out of style...." yessssssss john legend...im super happy that "neo-soul" artists are dabbling in different music styles...john l, experimenting in the studio with andre 3000 and banging out this crazy electropop track "green light" and musiq soulchild cozying up to the 808 with the bass heavy "radio". im making a t-shirt that says, "no more genres." right after i make a t-shirt that says "sometimes a ho needs a rest." its all about good music that you can dance to. so this is the last time im placing lollipop in a mixtape =].
we've been "crossing over" since 1979. its no different in 2008. get out of that box and just enjoy.


ps: make sure u take in the shannon alvares [crush], and joe louis [miss pretty] tracks [canadian content]
pps: leave ur feedback here!

dj lissamonét - label whore mixtape_002